Maximise Efficiency with BIQE Solution.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficiency is critical. BIQE offers the ultimate solution for all your digitisation and OCR needs, combining powerful features into one comprehensive tool. Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow, leverage advanced OCR technology, or save valuable time, BIQE has you covered.


Key Takeaways

  • BIQE integrates all digitisation functions into a single software tool, including auto cropping, splitting, and 38 ImageFilters for post-processing.
  • The software employs advanced OCR technology using both FRE12 Engine and Tesseract, capable of processing over 400 pages swiftly and accurately.
  • BIQE PROduction’s content cropping feature significantly reduces the need for manual corrections, boosting overall productivity.

Streamline Your Workflow with BIQE’s All-in-One Tool


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Maximise Efficiency with BIQE Solution. BIQE’s all-in-one tool is a game-changer when it comes to digitising documents. It simplifies the entire process, from preprocessing to post-processing, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.


Auto Cropping and Splitting for Preprocessing

One of the standout features is the auto cropping and splitting functionality. This is particularly useful for Batch processing an entire book, ensuring each page is perfectly aligned and ready for OCR. The tool also supports 2D Deskew of images, automatically correcting any skewed pages. Maximise Efficiency with BIQE Solution.


Post-Processing with 38 ImageFilters

After the initial preprocessing, BIQE offers 38 different image filters for post-processing. These filters help in enhancing the quality of the scanned documents, making them more readable and accessible to the process. Whether you need to adjust brightness, contrast, or remove noise, these filters have covered you.


Batch Mode for Maximum Efficiency

The Batch Mode feature is a lifesaver for those dealing with large volumes of documents. You can set up a Hot folder to automatically process incoming files, saving you much time. Plus, the tool allows you to export multiple file types, making it versatile for different needs.


With BIQE, you can avg veilig anonimiseren van documenten volgens woo, import, settings, processing, ocr, adjustments, quality control, data, export. Anonimiseer software en service voor avg-norm.


Unleash the Power of Advanced OCR Technology

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FRE12 Engine vs Tesseract: What You Need to Know

Regarding OCR technology, the FRE12 Engine and Tesseract are two of the most talked-about options. While Tesseract is open-source and widely used, the FRE12 Engine offers superior accuracy and speed. If you want to revolutionise digitisation with BIQE’s all-in-one tool, the FRE12 Engine is a game-changer.


BIQE OCR Server: Speed and Accuracy Combined

The BIQE OCR Server OCR Software is designed to handle large volumes of documents easily. Its advanced algorithms ensure that even the most complex layouts are processed accurately, making it an ideal choice for archiving and digitizing extensive collections.


With the BIQE OCR Server, you can maximise efficiency and accuracy with a comprehensive software suite.


HTR Software with Unique Segmentation

Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) is another area where BIQE shines. The software’s unique segmentation capabilities allow it to interpret handwritten notes accurately, making it invaluable for historical document preservation. Whether you’re dealing with modern handwriting or ancient scripts, BIQE Archive OCR Software has you covered.



Save Time with BIQE PROduction

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Content Cropping for Quick Adjustments

The content cropping feature of BIQE software is a game-changer when it comes to maximising digitisation efficiency. It allows me to make quick adjustments without having to redo the entire process, which is especially useful when dealing with large batches of documents.


Reduce Manual Corrections

One of the standout features of BIQE PROduction OCR Software is its ability to reduce manual corrections significantly. The software’s advanced algorithms ensure that the initial scan is as accurate as possible, saving me much time and effort.


Boost Productivity Effortlessly

With BIQE, I can save your image process in profiles, making applying the same settings to multiple projects easy. This boosts my productivity and ensures consistency across all my digitisation tasks.


BIQE PROduction is designed to streamline document management for high-quality outputs and cost savings.

Save time and boost your productivity with BIQE PROduction. Our advanced OCR software streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Don’t wait—experience the efficiency of BIQE production today!



In a nutshell, BIQE is your go-to solution for all things digitisation and OCR. With its comprehensive suite of tools, from auto-cropping and splitting to advanced image filters and high-speed OCR engines like FRE12 and Tesseract, BIQE has got you covered. Whether dealing with large batches or needing precise content cropping, this software saves you time and effort. The BIQE OCR Server can handle over 400 pages swiftly, making it perfect for high-volume tasks. And let’s remember the unique segmentation tool in BIQE HTR Software, which is a game-changer. So, if you’re looking to maximise efficiency and streamline your workflow, BIQE is the ultimate all-in-one solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

What digitisation functions does BIQE offer?

BIQE offers all digitisation functions in one software tool, including auto cropping, splitting, and post-processing with 38 image filters.


Which OCR engines does BIQE use?

BIQE uses the FRE12 Engine and Tesseract for OCR.


How does BIQE PROduction save time?

BIQE PROduction uses content cropping, which reduces manual corrections and boosts productivity.