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BIQE PROduction BIQE PROduction

  • Windows Software
  • Timesaving content cropping
  • Focus on pre-processing
  • Use of neural network
  • 2D Dewarp 
  • 2D Deskew
  • Unlimited cores/threads

OCR Software with efficient content cropping

Are you looking for a way to optimise your pre-processing workflow for high-volume document digitisation? You can look no further than BIQE PROduction, our advanced OCR software designed for efficient content cropping and image filtering.

With our software’s neural networks and hot-folder functionality, you can streamline your document digitisation process and save time and resources. Let’s explore the many benefits of BIQE PROduction and why it should be your go-to solution for content cropping.

Efficient Content Cropping with BIQE PROduction OCR software

Our OCR software offers advanced content cropping functionality, ensuring that double pages are correctly split and cropped without the need for time-consuming manual checks. This timesaving cropping tool is essential for high volume document digitization, and it’s just one of the many features that sets BIQE PROduction apart.


18 Essential Image Filters for Optimal Pre-Processing

BIQE PROduction offers 18 high-speed image filters across five different areas of modification, including size, scaling, perspective, color, orientation, exposure, and special filters. These filters allow you to create an efficient and economic workflow for your document digitization process, ensuring that your final outputs are of the highest quality.


Use of Neural Networks for Exceptional Speed

Our OCR software’s use of neural networks means that it can process large volumes of documents quickly and accurately, reducing the need for manual checks and corrections. This focus on pre-processing sets BIQE PROduction apart from other OCR software solutions and ensures that your documents are digitized efficiently and accurately.


2D Dewarp/Deskew for Improved Image Quality

BIQE PROduction’s 2D dewarp/deskew feature corrects unwanted rotations and skewed text lines, improving the overall image quality of your digitized documents. This feature, along with the other image filters available in our software, ensures that your final outputs are clear and easy to read.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an efficient and effective solution for content cropping and document digitization, look no further than BIQE PROduction. With its advanced features, use of neural networks, and focus on pre-processing, our OCR software is the ideal solution for any high volume digitization project.

BIQE PROduction Frequently Asked Questions

OCR software has become a popular tool for businesses and organisations that want to digitise their documents and make them searchable. With OCR software, users can convert printed text into digital format and edit, store, and share the text as needed. OCR software is also an effective tool for data extraction, allowing users to extract specific data points from scanned documents.

One key advantage of using OCR software is that it saves time and increases efficiency. Instead of manually typing out text from a document, OCR software can quickly scan and convert text, saving hours of labor. Additionally, OCR software can help organisations reduce errors and increase accuracy by ensuring that text is accurately extracted from documents.

When it comes to OCR software, BIQE PROduction stands out as a powerful and reliable option. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, such as advanced neural network and content cropping functionality, make it a breeze to handle high-volume pre-processing of books, newspapers, and documents with exceptional speed and accuracy. Its hot-folder functionality further enhances its usability, making it an ideal choice for industrial workflows.

One of the standout features of BIQE PROduction is its content cropping functionality, which ensures that double pages are correctly split and cropped without the need for time-consuming checks. This time-saving feature, combined with its 2D Dewarp/Deskew capabilities, makes BIQE PROduction an excellent choice for organizations that need to process large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently, relieving them of the burden of manual checks and corrections.

BIQE PROduction offers 18 essential and high-speed image filters divided into five categories, including size modification, color adjustments, orientation corrections, exposure improvements, and special filters that can significantly improve image quality. Some standout filters include background removal, color image screening, despeckling, erosion/dilation, manual correction tools, and text dewarping 2D.

In conclusion, OCR software has become essential for organisations that want to improve their document management and data extraction processes. BIQE PROduction is a leading OCR software with exceptional speed, accuracy, and a wide range of image filters. With its focus on pre-processing, neural networks, and content cropping, BIQE PROduction is a powerful tool that can help organisations save time and increase efficiency.

OCR software is Optical Character Recognition software, which recognises text from scanned images or documents. The software uses advanced algorithms to recognise the text and then converts it into a digital format that can be edited or searched. OCR software works by analyzing the text’s shapes and patterns and comparing them to a database of known characters.

Most OCR software is designed to recognize printed text rather than handwriting. However, some programs are capable of recognising cursive or handwritten text, although the accuracy of this recognition may be lower than for printed text.

BIQE PROduction is powerful OCR software specifically designed for high-volume books, newspapers, and documents pre-processing. It offers exceptional speed, neural network processing, advanced content cropping features, and a user-friendly interface available in multiple languages. Additionally, BIQE PROduction includes 18 essential and high-speed image filters, which can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the OCR process.

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