BIQE Archive - Advanced Archive Scanning Software for Windows

BIQE Archive BIQE Archive

  • Windows Software
  • 38 Image filters
  • Batch processing
  • Export to numerous file formats
  • Developed for old and rare books
  • Pre- and postprocessing software
  • Advanced scanning software

Do you need help to digitise old books, newspapers, and documents? 
BIQE Archive helps you get the best OCR for your old books. Our OCR software is designed for the most challenging postprocessing tasks. The Image filters enhance your documents and manuscripts.

BIQE Archive OCR Software gives you maximum control over the document process. You will achieve the utmost results and the highest quality of your documents.


One of the most powerful features of BIQE Archive is our 38 unique image filters.
No other postprocessing OCR software on the market offers such a comprehensive set of Image filters. These filters cover almost everything, from size filters and scaling modifications to colour adjustments, exposure improvements, and special filters that improve the OCR quality of your images.

We ensure you have all the tools you need for all your digitisation projects.


With BIQE Archive, you can save your workflow in an Image profile.
Please use our batch processing to achieve consistent quality throughout the digitisation process.

Our software is designed for Windows. This Windows OCR Software integrates with your PC system’s thread speed.

Here's a breakdown of the areas our 38 image filters cover:

  • Modifications to size, scaling, perspective, and text area
  • Adjustments to the colour scheme
  • Corrections of unwanted rotations and skewed text lines
  • Improvements in the exposure levels
  • Special filters that can massively improve the image quality
  • One of the standout features of BIQE Archive’s image filters is our text de-warping algorithm, considered the best in the world. We also offer manual perspective correction, print size scaling, and many other unique capabilities that cannot be found elsewhere.


In addition to our powerful image filters, BIQE Archive can export to numerous file formats. Our software covers you whether you need to save your documents as PDFs, JPEGs, or any other format.

Unleash the Power of Archive OCR Software with BIQE Archive

BIQE Archive is the perfect solution for all your old books, newspapers, and documents. With our advanced image filters, you have maximum control. Batch processing  capabilities, so you can process an entire Book to achieve consistent, high-quality results.


Try BIQE Archive today and experience the power of our OCR software.

BIQE Archive Frequently Asked Questions

BIQE Archive scanning software is specifically designed for digitizing books, newspapers, and documents. It’s especially well-suited for old books, manuscripts, and damaged documents. Our powerful image filters ensure optimal opportunities to optimize the quality of your images.

Absolutely. With BIQE Archive, you can save your workflow in profiles and take advantage of batch processing to achieve a consistent quality throughout your books and documents. This allows you to process large volumes of documents quickly and easily.

BIQE Archive offers the ability to export to numerous file formats. Whether you need to save your documents as PDFs, JPEGs, or any other format, our software has you covered.

BIQE Archive scanning software offers no less than 38 image filters, which is unique in the world of postprocessing OCR software. Many of those filters provide unique capabilities that cannot be found elsewhere, e.g. the best text dewarping algorithm in the world.

Yes. BIQE Archive is specifically designed for Windows, making it easy to integrate into your existing workflow.

Getting started with BIQE Archive scanning software is easy. If you’re ready to get started with BIQE Archive, we’re here to help. Whether you have questions about the software, need help getting set up, or just want to chat about how BIQE Archive scanning software can help you digitize your books, newspapers, and documents, our team is ready and waiting to assist you.

To contact us, send us an email. We typically respond to all inquiries within 24 hours so that you can expect a quick and helpful response from our team.

Don’t wait any longer. Please contact us today to learn how BIQE Archive scanning software can help you digitise your documents quickly and easily. We look forward to hearing from you!

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