Our BIQE videos are support and instructional videos on topics such as digitizing documents, pre- and postproccesing, scanning, OCR, output, and more…

#1 - Let's start with our user-friendly interface

#2 - API driver for all ImageAccess Scanners

#3 - BIQE pre- and postprocessing digitizing software

#4 - Export your different file types with one mouse click

#5 - BIQE Content cropping (only in the PRO-duction version)

#6 - BIQE OCR Server with Hotfolder for folders and files

Re-scan or insert an image

#8 - BIQE OCR Server
Auto-rotation and auto-deskew

BIQE unburdens. Not only by scanning your documents, but also by offering custom-made solutions. Feel free to ask us.