Frequently asked questions


No. BIQE only works on the computer on which the BIQE version was activated

In Biqe Archive you have more ImageFilters at your disposal (38 image filters). Therefor Archive is the better version for you, if you have (old) books or documents of poor quality, because you need more ImageFilters to correct these images.

PROduction’s biggest advantage though, is its content cropping feature. This allows you to split and crop your books with very little effort and control. This saves a lot of valuable time.

Our Biqe PROduction version has an unique content cropping feature.

Read more about this feature here.

Or watch video #5 on our video page here.

OCR or “Optical Character Recognition” is a scan software which recognizes patterns. A scanned document, which contains text, will be recognized as an image.

The letters, numbers and characters can be recognized on pixel level. These pixels form words which can be digitized. This again makes a digital document searchable.

Read more about OCR here.

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