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BIQE Archive

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BIQE Archive BIQE Archive

BIQE Archive is for digitizing books, newspapers, and documents. Especially old books, manuscripts, and (damaged) documents are a good fit. The many image filters ensure optimal opportunities to optimize the quality of your images.

By saving your workflow in profiles, BIQE allows batch processing resulting in a consistent quality throughout your books and documents.

  • Windows Software
  • 38 Image filters
  • Maximum control
  • Batch processing
  • Export to numerous file formats
  • Developed for the most demanding tasks

Available in 16 thread, 32 thread and unlimited thread versions.

BIQE PROduction


BIQE PROduction BIQE PROduction

BIQE PROduction is aimed at high volume pre-processing of books, newspapers, and documents. The highly sophisticated content cropping functionality ensures that double pages are correctly split and cropped, without time-consuming checks. The hot-folder functionality makes BIQE PROduction the optimal candidate to adopt in industrial workflows.

  • Windows Software
  • Focus on pre-processing
  • Use of neural network
  • 2D Dewarp / Deskew
  • Timesaving cropping tool
  • Unlimited cores/threads