What is OCR?

OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition. Thanks to this digital technique, a computer is able to read letters, numbers and characters of an image.

OCR, how does it work?

Optical Character Recognition is a scan software which recognizes patterns. A scanned document, which contains text, will be recognized as an image.

The letters, numbers and characters can be recognized on pixel level. These pixels form words which can be digitized. This again makes a digital document searchable.

What documents can be digitized with OCR?

You can OCR old books, documents, construction files and more scanned perfectly into editable text.

If you have the right software…

BIQE software is a unique and first class scan- and OCR software which improves the quality of images, which leads to better text recognition by the Optical Character Recognition software.

Our software is able to import, edit and process up to a 10.000 images at once – without losing any speed when doing so.

Before you save your books and documents digitally, you will scan these and optimize them with no less than 38 image filters.

This will always give you to the best results.

BIQE OCR software is developed for Windows and compatible with every scanner. This makes our products suitable for both business clients and private individuals.

  • Import and edit up to a 10.000 images at once;
  • Perfect results due to 38 image filters;
  • OCR old books, documents and construction files;
  • Document obscuring and PDF-redaction: professional anonymization software;
  • Custom made solutions are available.


BIQE OCR software is unique because of it’s 38 image filters which you apply, before converting your document into editable text.

With BIQE you can easily scan all kind of documents and make them editable.

BIQE delivers. Unlimited!
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