What is BIQE PROduction

And what does it do

Why content cropping?

Do you recognize this?

Every time you scan a book without book cradle, you put books under the section that is thinnest, so that both the left and right pages are almost at the same height.

Even though you scan with a so-called book rocker, even then there will be a difference between the left and right pages due to the thickness of the book.

If you use the “regular” crop method, you draw a rectangle around the left page and the right page. But there is not the same amount of text on each page; some pages are even blank.

The unwanted result:

  • Cut off text at some pages
  • All pages must be checked (time-consuming work)
  • Very much unnecessarily wasted time

The solution:

  • BIQE’s unique content cropping tool in our PROduction software

BIQE PROduction has a unique content cropping tool

How does this preprocessing tool work? 

Step 1

  • Select the number of pages or an entire book to be cropped (fig.1)
  • Choose in the top left corner ‘Spread Splitting’ (fig.2)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Step 2

  • Select the option ‘content cautious’ (fig.3)

Figure 3

Step 3

  • Set the ‘content sensitivity’ between 35 and 50 (fig.4)

Figure 4

Step 4

  • Some pages need correction. Click on the filter (fig.5) and choose ‘Invalid’
  • The warning triangle tells pages that need to be corrected (fig.6)

Figure 6: For 1 page, the crop frame (green rectangle) of the left page is inside the content frame (red rectangle). This is 100% the case on no other page.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Step 5

  • We are going to correct this 1st page (fig.7)

Figure 7

Step 6

  • The content frame has been corrected (fig.8)
  • The crop frames on the left (green) and right (blue) are outside the content frames (fig.9)

Figure 8

Figure 9

Step 7

  • After correcting the content frame, select ‘recalculate’
  • All pages are recalculated again with the corrected settings
  • All crop frames are approved (fig.10)

Figure 10:
The green left crop frame and the blue right crop frame are similar to each other. Although on some pages there is a photo or no text at all.

Figure 10

Figure 11

Even if you have a book of 1000 pages, you don’t have to check a single page for a wrong crop! (See fig.11: the result)

Step 8

  • You can start editing the split and cropped images in a Batch process
  • You do this by making a Image profile with our 16 high-quality Image Filters (fig.12-15)

Figure 12

Figure 13

Figure 14

Figure 15

Step 9

  • Compare the original image (fig.16) vs
  • The edited image with the BIQE filters (fig.17)

To get this amazing result, I used the Image Filters (fig.18) and I saved it in a workflow (Profile) for a next time, for similar books.

Figure 16

Figure 17

Figure 18

BIQE Content Cropping Tool

This is why our content cropping tool is unique:
  1. Is very user-friendly and pleasant to work with
  2. It will save you an enormous amount of time because you don’t have to check your images
  3. It gives you 100% assurance that no text has been cutoff due to an incorrect crop

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